Hostel rules and regulations


Rooms are available from 1pm (13:00) unless otherwise agreed with the administration. Guests can deposit their luggage at the hostel storage for safekeeping before the check-in time and after the check-out time, from 8am (08:00) to 11pm (23:00). The storage conditions are agreed with the administration.

Please vacate the room prior to 11am (11:00) on the check-out date. Staying in the room after 11am (11:00) causes additional charge for stay. The guest is obligated to return the storage key and the towel to the administrator if received. Keys and towels are granted after taking a deposit (the deposit sum must be specified by the administrator). During check-out, the bedding and the room is inspected by the administrator, if the damage, that cannot be eliminated, is found, the administration is entitled to charge a fine.

If there is a need in an early check-in (from 6am till 1pm) or late check-out (from 11am till 6pm), then you must notify the administration who will clarify the cost of this service. This service is only available if there are vacant rooms.

If you do not make it to the hostel before 2pm and have not made a prepayment, please notify the hostel administration in advance, but not later than 6pm. Otherwise, your reservation will be canceled.

Check-in to the hostel is possible only with a passport (internal or foreign) or other document with a photo, issued by a governmental identity card (driver's license, student ID, military ID, etc.). Underage guests who already hold a passport are required to have a notarized power of attorney from a parent allowing them to travel / stay at the hostel on their own.


Payment is made at check-in for the entire period of stay. Otherwise, the administration reserves the right to cancel your reservation for unpaid time period. It is possible to pay both in cash and by card. If you would like to extend your stay at the hostel, you should check with the administrator and make a payment for the next day before 11am (11:00). You can also book by yourself a place at the hostel on our website at or through the hostel administration. The prepayment is refundable if the guest cancels the reservation 5 days before arrival.​


These actions and behavior are forbidden in this hostel:

  • make noise, talk loudly and play audio / video content without headphones after 11pm and 9am
  • drink alcohol or take drugs and be drunk or in the drugged condition
  • smoking (also including electronic cigarettes, etc.) in the hostel's premises, except for designated areas
  • use electrical appliances (kettle, boiler, iron, heater) other than the property of the hostel
  • to stay in a hostel with pets

After using the dishes, guests are obliged to immediately wash and put them back in place.

To improve the comfort of all guests, clean the bathroom after yourself with the help of existing equipment if needed.

From 9am (9:00) to 10pm (22:00) guests can invite their friends for a short time (up to 2 hours), after agreeing this visit with the administration.

The hostel administrator reserves the right to decide to allow smoking at night.

Private property

The hostel is not responsible for the loss of the guest's belongings. The guest should self-monitor their belongings and put them to their lockers or storage and lock it with a key in a timely manner.

Products that are perishable or have a sharp odor should not be stored in rooms or lockers. These products should only be stored in refrigerators located in the kitchen. When storing the products in the refrigerators, you must sign them with the help of stickers (the instructions are in the kitchen).

Damage to the property of the hostel

In case of loss or damaging of the hostel's property, caused by the inappropriate behavior of the guest or his invited friends, the guest will be charged for it. If the mess was made by guest - it must be fixed by guest.

In case of violation of the rules and regulations of this hostel, the administration reserves the right to refuse the guest in further stay without refund.

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