The Leoterra hostel network comprises four hostels: Leosphere, Mister, and Ostriv. Each hostel has its own unique features, but they are united by being created with care and love, and a strong desire to make them comfortable and convenient for guests. All our hostels are located near the city center, just 5-7 minutes walk from Market Square and the Opera House. They are situated in old buildings, architectural landmarks, each with its own unique atmosphere and interesting history. All our hostels are cozy, equipped with everything necessary for comfortable living. Our staff is very sensitive, courteous, and diligent, working hard to make guests feel at home. Our advantage is that we have a large number of rooms and can always offer you the accommodation option that suits you best. We can accommodate large groups, placing them as comfortably as possible. For guests wishing to stay long term, we offer a discount system.




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