Settlement / eviction

Guests can settle in their rooms from 12:00, but in the days of high demand - from 13:00. Guests can also arrive early and leave their luggage at the hostel, but access to the rooms will be only after 12:00 (or 13:00), unless otherwise agreed with the administration.
Check-out takes place before 11:00. Guests departing must collect all their belongings and release the room until 11:00. It is also possible to leave your luggage at the hostel until it's fully checked out with the administration. The guest is obliged to return the key from the camera to the administrator if he received it.

If you plan to check in before the set time (from 6:00 to 12:00) or leave late (after 18:00), you may want to pay extra for additional hours according to the rates, which can be specified by the administrator. This service is available only in the presence of available seats.
If you do not have time to drive to the hostel until 14:00, please inform the hostel in advance, but no later than 18:00. Otherwise, your reservation will be canceled.
Arrival at the hostel is possible only with a passport (domestic or foreign) or other photo document issued by the state body certifying the person (driver's license, student card, military ticket, etc.). Minor guests who already have a passport are required to have a notarized power of attorney from one of their parents, which allows them to live independently at the hostel.



Payment is made during check-in for the entire period of stay. Otherwise, the administration reserves the right to cancel your reservation for unpaid days.

If you live in a hostel and want to extend your stay, you need to know about this opportunity from the administrator and, if there are available seats, pay the next day until 11:00.


No buffet is available in the hostel after 23:00 and until 9:00. It is also prohibited to drink alcohol and be drunk. Smoking is not permitted in the hostel and in the annex, except for specially designated places.
After using the dishes, guests must immediately wash it and put it in place.
For safety reasons, it is prohibited to use electrical appliances (kettle, kettle, iron, heater) other than those available at the hostel.
Guests can invite friends for a short term (up to 2 hours) from 9:00 to 22:00, by accepting this visit with the administrator.
Pets are not allowed at the hostel.

Private property

The hostel is not liable for loss, theft or damage of guest's things. The visitor has to follow his own words and put them in a closet in a timely manner and close at the key.


Damage to the property of the hostel

In case of loss or damage to the property of the hostel caused by inappropriate behavior of the guest or guests invited by him, the visitor must pay all damages. If the guest has made a mess, he must remove himself.


For violation of the rules of residence at the hostel, the administration reserves the right to refuse a guest to continue living without a refund.

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